Alarm over possible oriental tobacco ban not justified – currently

| September 21, 2012

Concerns expressed inBulgariaearlier this week about a proposal to ban the production of oriental tobacco within the EU have proved to be unfounded, according to a Novinite story.

The misunderstanding arose apparently because oriental tobacco is an aromatic tobacco and the European Commission is known to be considering proposing revisions to the EU’s tobacco products directive that would see a ban on the addition of certain aromatic ingredients – basically flavors.

The Bulgarian MEP, Maria Gabriel, who is a member of the Agriculture Committee, said the alarm in Bulgaria was caused by worries that oriental tobacco would included in the group of the so-called aroma ingredients, such as menthol and cherry, which would most likely be banned as part of the tobacco directive revisions.

It is to be seen, however, whether these concerns will disappear. Yesterday, Bulgarian National Radio quoted Frederic Vincent, spokesperson for the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, as saying that ‘currently’ the Commission was not planning to examine the ‘issue’ of oriental tobacco.

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