Electron cigarette yields measured by Filtrona in ‘vaping’ machines

| September 25, 2012

Filtrona Scientific Services is presenting to the CORESTA Congress currently meeting in Sapporo, Japan, the second instalment of results from research into the effects of smoking parameters on the particulate and nicotine yields of electronic cigarettes.

The results are being presented by Dr Mike Taylor, director of scientific development.

In a press note issued yesterday, Filtrona said that electronic cigarettes were consumed by an estimated 2.5 million people globally and that sales of these products in theUSalone were worth about $2 billion annually

Electronic cigarette brand owners generally claimed that their products delivered nicotine and tobacco flavours without producing the combustion and pyrolysis products associated with lit cigarettes.

In his presentation of the first instalment of results to the 66th Tobacco Science Research Conference held in Concord, North Carolina, US, earlier this month, Tony McCormack, senior manager for intellectual property at the Filtrona Technology Centre, said that numerous special precautions needed to be taken when testing electronic cigarettes as opposed to regular cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes were found to exhibit higher variability and to behave differently under various ‘smoking’ [or vaping] conditions

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