Electronic cigarettes run foul of electronic media

| September 5, 2012

A number of electronic cigarette fan pages have recently reported that Facebook has removed their entire fan page without warning and with very little explanation, according to a PR Web story.

One of the largest electronic cigarette fan pages/groups affected by the ban was The Smoker’s Angel, which, at the time of deletion, had almost 14,000 fans.

It seems that electronic cigarette pages on Facebook with commercial content are at risk of being banned because Facebook’s updated guidelines aimed at preventing tobacco marketing have been widened to include electronic cigarettes.

A non-commercial fan page has been started but virtual petitions are being passed around to protest against the bans.

“It’s really a shame that these bans are happening,” said Tyler Bullock of the E Cig Cabin website.

“A lot of groups, myself included, have put a lot of work into raising awareness about electronic cigarettes.

“It doesn’t make sense to us that e-cigarettes be included in the same sentence as tobacco products. They are a tool to help individuals quit smoking tobacco, not one that will make it more popular.”

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