Petition calls for 2006 tobacco smoking ban to be relaxed in Scotland

| September 24, 2012

The Scottish government is being urged to review its tobacco smoking ban in indoor, public places in the light of new developments in ventilation and clean air technology, according to a story by Scott MacNab for The Scotsman.

The lobby group, Freedom to ChooseScotland, is petitioning members of the Scottish Parliament, raising questions about the impact of second-hand smoke and pointing to growing calls for an end to bans inScotlandand the rest ofGreat   Britain.

The pro-freedom group says that European air quality standards on indoor spaces back up the case for ending the ban, which was introduced in 2006.

The group says these guidelines do not suggest good practice involves a ban on tobacco smoking.

Tobacco smoke is recognised as a pollutant, along with others, but ventilation requirements are set out to deal with these.

The Scottish Licensed Trade Association warned last year that 800 pubs have closed inScotlandsince the ban and has called for it to be relaxed.

The petition is at

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