The performance of Filtrona’s latest filter is largely down to its architecture

| October 31, 2012

Filtrona Filters has launched the Corinthian filter, an addition to its Icon range of innovative, premium filters.

The new filter was named after a type of column used in Greek architecture, which the filter resembles.

According to a Filtrona press note, the Corinthian filter uses acetate shaping technology to offer high visual impact for brand differentiation, and robust flutes that resist crushing during production and use.

It offers also a unique and pleasant smoking experience by delivering a mix of air and smoke.

The Corinthian filter is said to have been developed to meet the growing demand for high quality filters that offer ‘visual differentiation possibilities which can also be used as indicators of performance and flavour’.

The press note said that the increasing purchasing power of consumers in status-conscious markets, such as those in Russia, China and countries of the Southern Asia Pacific, along with the need for cigarette manufacturers to maintain revenue growth in established markets, such as those in the US and countries of Western Europe, had led to an increase in a practice referred to by Euromonitor as ‘premiumisation’.

“In this context, premiumisation describes the leveraging of brands to increase the value, and therefore price, of a cigarette,” said innovations director, Patrick Meredith. “One way of achieving this is through the use of visual products, such as Icon range style filters, as brand differentiators. To meet the subsequent growing demand for these filter types, Filtrona Filters has expanded its manufacturing capacity and also developed the innovative Corinthian filter.”

The Corinthian filter is a multi-segment cellulose acetate filter which uses acetate shaping technology to create between one and six flutes along the length of the mouth end filter segment, which is then surrounded with plug wrap.

As a multi-segment filter, the Corinthian filter, as with all Icon range filters, can incorporate activated carbon to deliver additional performance.

And it can be combined also with flavoured and coloured acetate segments, or presented as a recessed filter.

It is currently available in standard circumference.

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