Cigarette companies urged not to forget former tobacco growers

| November 6, 2012

Cigarette companies in Malaysia are being asked to help former tobacco growers in the state of Kelantan repair their homes and provide a clean supply of water, according to a Malaysian National News Agency story.

Before they were forced to stop growing tobacco because their leaf could not compete with that produced in neighbouring countries, the farmers in Kelantan were the biggest tobacco growers in the country.

But since then, their earnings from newly introduced crops, including sweet potato, maize and kenaf, have not been able to match those they used to get from growing tobacco.

Deputy Finance Minister, Datuk Dr. Awang Adek Hussin, said the tobacco farmers’ contribution from planting tobacco for decades should not be forgotten by cigarette companies.

“Until now, these companies have made millions in profit yearly and they should come and help them [the former tobacco growers],” he said after the handing over of one house-repair program for the poor.

Philip Morris (Malaysia) Sdn Berhad and Yayasan SalamMalaysiaare said already to have allocated more than RM160,000 for the program, involving 21 houses and a mosque.

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