EU tobacco products directive would be new commissioner’s top priority

| November 14, 2012

EU health commissioner-designate Dr. Tonio Borg, has said that his top priority as health commissioner would be to forward a revised version of the EU’s tobacco products directive for inter-service consultation in January 2013, according to a story in the Malta Star, relayed by the TMA.

Borg was speaking yesterday before the European Parliament at a hearing for his candidature

The much-delayed commission proposals for the revision of the tobacco directive have been delayed once more due to the resignation of former EU health commissioner, John Dalli.

Borg reportedly said that tobacco products “should look like tobacco products,” and that a “high-level of consumer protection” was expected of the EU with regards to policing such items.

Borg’s candidature is scheduled for a vote by the full EU parliament at its November 19-22 plenary meeting.

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