More UK consumers being forced into buying illicit tobacco products

| November 19, 2012

The number of illicit cigarettes bought in the UK is set to soar, according to a story by Nick Goodway for The Independent.

Goodway reported that, during a shopping trip around north-west London, representatives of Japan Tobacco International had discovered a ‘huge range’ of counterfeit cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco being sold for about half the normal retail price of licit products.

JTI is said to believe that after big duty hikes in the past two budgets – a total of 70p on a pack of 20 – the rates of smuggling and of the production of counterfeit cigarettes are set to soar.

Martin Southgate, JTI’sUKmanaging director was quoted as saying that he believed this situation would be made worse with the introduction of plain packaging for tobacco products.

“These measures will not help achieve a reduction in young people taking up smoking; this will only increase the illegal trade in tobacco.”

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