PMI welcomes WHO protocol on fighting the illicit tobacco trade

| November 12, 2012

Philip Morris International has welcomed the passing by the World Health Organization of the first international protocol aimed at fighting the illicit trade in tobacco.

“With sales estimated at more than 600 billion cigarettes a year – more than one in every 10 consumed – all black market tobacco products combined make up the third largest tobacco supplier in the world, said vice president of communications, Peter Nixon, in a statement.

“While the passage of this protocol is not the silver bullet to resolving this serious issue, it is a step toward addressing a problem that not only harms governments but fuels organized crime and terrorism.

“The long term solution to this challenge lies in governments implementing effective policies and providing sufficient enforcement resources to disrupt the global illegal supply chain through which these unlawful products are manufactured, transported and sold. In addition, preventative measures not covered under today’s agreement, such as regulating the essential materials used to produce tobacco products, should be considered by governments in the national implementation of this protocol.”

More information about PMI’s views on the illicit tobacco trade is at:

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