Retailers having brand-differentiation problems with ‘plain’ packs

| November 2, 2012

The ‘plain’ cigarette packs starting to appear in Australian shops are causing problems for retailers, according to a story in the Canberra Times.

The owner of the IGA supermarket in Hughes, Canberra, Michael Makas, was quoted as saying that he had so far sold a few of the new packs, which are required by law to be of a standard design, except for the brand names, though even those have to appear in a standard font.

Makas said that selling the new packs had proved already to be a “logistical nightmare” because his staff had had problems distinguishing between brands.

“The customers get annoyed because they’re kept waiting while we find the specific brand they want,” he said.

Meanwhile, the manager of the IGA supermarket in Ainslie,Canberra, Manuel Xyrakis, said he noticed he was selling a customer the wrong brand only as he handed it over.

He said he was keeping brands on set shelves to help his staff.

The new packs, which were designed at the behest of the government to be as ugly as is possible, will become mandatory at retail on December 1.

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