China looks to reduce tobacco farm numbers and planted area

| December 27, 2012

More details are emerging about China’s plans – reported here on December 24 – to crack down on tobacco.

The country is looking to reduce the area planted to tobacco along with the number of tobacco farms, ban tobacco smoking in all enclosed public places, and enlarge the warning signs on tobacco packs by 2015, according to a story quoting the Beijing Times.

The plan says also that China will reduce the number of tobacco companies operating in the country and the number of brands on sale in an effort further to unify the tobacco industry.

China already bans direct tobacco advertisements but the latest plan would specifically ban advertisements on the internet and on public transport, and in public places including museums, libraries, hospitals and schools. It would forbid tobacco companies from promoting their products through charitable, social or environmental activities. And tobacco-related trademarks would be banned from movies and television programs.

Health warnings, which are on the back of packs, would be increased from 30 per cent to 50 per cent of the surface area.

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