In new UK anti-tobacco campaign it’s the cigarette that gets sick

| December 28, 2012

People in the UK are due to be exposed to a nine-week, £2.7 million propaganda campaign that will focus on a cigarette that develops cancerous tumors.

They will be told that 15 cigarettes cause a mutation that can lead to such tumors.

The Department of Health (DoH) says that the new theme represents a return to hard-hitting health campaigns.

‘The new ads – featuring a tumour growing on a cigarette as it is smoked – are the first shock adverts since the “fatty cigarette” ad eight years ago,’ according to a note posted on the DoH’s website. ‘They aim to encourage people to quit over health concerns, by making the invisible damage visible.

‘The campaign comes in response to statistics that show more than a third of smokers still think the health risks associated with smoking are greatly exaggerated.

‘Designed to show that every cigarette is potentially harmful, the campaign will send a tough message about the dangers of smoking to a new generation of young people – many of whom will never have seen such hard-hitting messaging since they took up the habit.

‘The campaign is supported by a variety of charities including Cancer ResearchUK.

‘Since the last campaign, focusing on the health harms of smoking in 2004, it is estimated that:

* ‘More than 3 million people are estimated (sic) [to] have been admitted to hospital with a smoking related disease – that’s more than 1,000 people each day; and

* More than 570,000 people are estimated (sic) to have died because of a smoking related condition – that’s 195 people each day.’

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