Stiff fines for smokers, drinkers, music lovers, campers and those walking cats

| December 3, 2012

Starting next month, anyone caught smoking, drinking, camping, blasting music or engaging in any other illegal activities at Boulder Creek parks, California, is to be fined heavily, according to a story by Kimberly White for the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

The fines, which are referred to also as ‘fees’, will range from $160 for infractions, such as possessing an open container of alcohol, to $484 for misdemeanors, such as consuming alcohol. And no matter how the offense is classified, a third violation within one year will cost nearly $900.

The fees gave law enforcement another tool to keep order in public spaces, said Tess Fitzgerald, who is on the board of directors of the Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District.

The fees are related to an ordinance the board adopted two years ago, listing about 20 prohibited activities, which, in addition to smoking, drinking, playing loud music and camping, include hunting, fishing or harming animals, introducing dogs and cats, lighting fires and damaging district-owned property.

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