They fought the law but the law won

| December 4, 2012

Tobacco industry representatives in the British Crown Dependency of Guernsey have said that they will work with parliament on new legislation regulating the sale of cigarettes, according to a BBC Online story.

The industry had opposed plans for annual licensing and a ban on shop workers under the age of 18, but now says it wants to ensure the changes are implemented efficiently and with minimal disruption.

James Filleul, of the Channel Islands’ Tobacco Retailers Association, said that the association had fought the battle but that parliament had not agreed with it. The problems of cost and staffing remained, but retailers had to move forward.

“We were heartened though by the fact that the health department committed substantially in the debate to consult with the retail trade who will be implementing the laws, so we’re looking forward to that consultation,” he was quoted as saying.

The new legislation, which will give the police the power to confiscate tobacco and related paraphernalia from under-18s, will return to the parliament for final approval next year.

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