Marlboro turns over a new Bright Leaf

| January 9, 2013

Philip Morris Limited is to drop ‘Marlboro’ from the name of Marlboro Bright Leaf, the brand it developed to cater for the UK smoker’s preference for Virginia-blend cigarettes, according to a story in Talking Retail.

This month, Bright Leaf will appear in a new brand livery, though it will retain its status as a brand from the makers of Marlboro.

“Bright Leaf is a cigarette brand that we have developed especially with the UK adult smoker in mind, both in terms of taste delivery and contemporary packaging,” said Zoe Smith, marketing director UK & Ireland.

“Bright Leaf is not like any other Marlboro product, except for the quality, and the new packs are designed to clearly differentiate it from the iconic international Marlboro range.”

Phase one of the Bright Leaf launch will run for three weeks and feature a soft introduction to the new design by displaying the current pack graphics on three sides of a poly film with a ‘ripped reveal’ to the new pack that lies beneath.

The second phase will unveil the new designs in full while utilising the poly film across both variants to convey the ‘New pack. Same Taste’ message.

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