Mild Seven close to becoming Mevius on Japanese cigarette market

| January 24, 2013

Japan Tobacco Inc is aiming to make Mevius the number one global premium cigarette brand.

At the moment, it is probably fair to say that the name Mevius is not well known around the world, but it is guaranteed a considerable level of success because it is the new name of Mild Seven, one of the JT Group’s Global Flagship Brands.

The Mild Seven name is due to be changed to Mevius on the Japanese market from early next month and JT has promised that it will ‘continue to offer further added value and satisfaction to consumers by actively increasing investment to enhance its brand equity…’

No changes are being made to the flavor and aroma of non-menthol Mild Seven on its journey to becoming Mevius, but packs have been redesigned and a clicklock pack is being introduced in respect of 10-piece boxes.

And the two Mild Seven menthol product types, Aqua and Impact, will be merged into a new 100 per cent natural menthol product type, ‘’Mevius Premium Menthol’.

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