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Quit smoking before age 35 and claw back decade of lost life expectancy

| January 25, 2013

Smokers who quit before they reach the age of 35 erase the entire decade of lost life expectancy that is risked by smokers who continue with their habit, according to a story in The Washington Post quoting a ‘landmark study’.

Smokers who quit between the ages of 35 and 44 get back nine of those 10 years; those who quit between the ages of 45 and 54 get back six years; while those who quit between the ages of 55 and 64 get back four years.

The study was led by Prabhat Jha, an epidemiologist at the Center for Global Health Research in Toronto and published online on Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The study linked surveys of 217,000 adults collected for the US National Health Interview Survey between 1997 and 2004 to cause-of-death records in the National Death Index.

The Washington Post said the message was that it was never too late to quit [or perhaps that it was never too early to quit], though it quoted Jha as saying that younger smokers should not be lulled into thinking they could smoke until they were 40 and then stop without consequences.

This was because the risks of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases lingered for years after stubbing out the last butt.

Most of the gains in life expectancy came because the twin risks of heart disease and stroke quickly dropped after smoking ended.

Imperial sets date for interim statement

| January 25, 2013

Imperial Tobacco says that it is due to hold its Annual General Meeting and issue an Interim Management Statement on January 30.

Go vegan

| January 25, 2013

A new PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) billboard going up in Richmond, Virginia, US, equates eating meat with smoking in an effort to get more people to become vegans, according to a WWBT NBC12 report.

The group announced on Wednesday that it was erecting the billboard, which shows a toddler smoking a cigar next to the words ‘You wouldn’t let your child smoke. Like smoking, eating meat increases the risk of heart disease and cancer. Go vegan!’

“We all know how important it is to set a good example for our kids, and that means choosing habits – such as eating vegan meals – that will steer them toward a healthier life,” says PETA executive vice president, Tracy Reiman.

“PETA’s billboard will remind Virginians that, just as we should put down the cigarettes, we should also put down the drumsticks and pick up fiber-rich, heart-healthy plant-based foods instead.”

Media urged to reduce tobacco advertising in Indonesia

| January 24, 2013

Indonesia’s Health Minister, Nafsiah Mboi, has urged the media to take a greater role in the fight against tobacco by reducing cigarette advertisements, according to a story in The Jakarta Post.

Speaking during an editors’ forum in Jakarta yesterday, Nafsiah said that the media could prevent tobacco use, particularly among young people, by limiting such advertisements.

“Tobacco advertisements, including the ones in mass media, influence people to smoke,” said Nafsiah. “For the sake of the next generation, we urge you to limit it.”

It was not clear why the minister was appealing to the media rather than proposing further regulations.

Government regulations already restrict tobacco advertising. While tobacco companies may still advertise their products in outdoor places, for instance, the advertisements may not exceed 72 square meters in size.

Television stations are allowed to air cigarette advertisements, but only after 21.30 hours and before 05.00 hours.

And the print media are not allowed to place tobacco advertisements on their front pages.

Mild Seven close to becoming Mevius on Japanese cigarette market

| January 24, 2013

Japan Tobacco Inc is aiming to make Mevius the number one global premium cigarette brand.

At the moment, it is probably fair to say that the name Mevius is not well known around the world, but it is guaranteed a considerable level of success because it is the new name of Mild Seven, one of the JT Group’s Global Flagship Brands.

The Mild Seven name is due to be changed to Mevius on the Japanese market from early next month and JT has promised that it will ‘continue to offer further added value and satisfaction to consumers by actively increasing investment to enhance its brand equity…’

No changes are being made to the flavor and aroma of non-menthol Mild Seven on its journey to becoming Mevius, but packs have been redesigned and a clicklock pack is being introduced in respect of 10-piece boxes.

And the two Mild Seven menthol product types, Aqua and Impact, will be merged into a new 100 per cent natural menthol product type, ‘’Mevius Premium Menthol’.

Beijing and Singapore to host tax free shows in first half of this year

| January 24, 2013

The TFWA (Tax Free World Association) says that its Asia Pacific Conference & Exhibition 2013 is set to be the largest such show ever staged in Singapore.

The week-long show is due to open on 12 May.

‘Exhibitor numbers have already exceeded 2012 levels with more than 7,500 m2 of exhibition space booked,’ TFWA said in a press note.

The Suntec Centre venue, which is said to have been completely renovated, is set to host 50 new exhibitors, along with many regulars.

TFWA said that details of the conference and workshops would be released soon at

In the meantime, ‘China’s century: The fast pace of change in China duty free & travel retail’, is due to be held at the Beijing Hotel on March 5-7.

Organised jointly by the TFWA and APTRA (Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association), the event is due to bring together ‘a wealth of international and local expertise, including some of the most influential figures in Chinese duty free and travel retail’.

More information about the conference program is at: