Payne opening up about packaging

| January 11, 2013

Payne is due on Monday to provide the results of a study into consumers’ concerns about packaging.

In giving details of the study during an address to the EU Packaging Summit in Berlin, Martin Dallas, the company’s managing director, will say that functionality is a major part of what consumers consider to be good packaging.

The study found, for instance, that the difficulties encountered in opening different types of packs were of far greater concern to most consumers than were environmental worries about perceived over-packaging.

‘Significantly, 85 per cent of those who took part in the study said they had experienced some frustration with packs,’ a Payne press note said.

‘The research identifies the 10 types of packaging most likely to cause frustration, and also examines attitudes among different age groups.’

The research was carried out on behalf of Payne by JRA Research, which interviewed more than 500 people across the UK. The survey comprised 523 online interviews of 5-10 minutes duration conducted during the week commencing October 29 with a representative sample of the population divided across five age groups and encompassing a 50:50 split of male and female respondents.

Also at the summit, Dallas will unveil Payne’s ‘new market positioning’, Packaging Resolved, which focuses on the company’s ability ‘to provide solutions in four key areas that deliver effective packaging – opening, closing, informing and protecting’.

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