JT adds another menthol product to Mevius (Mild Seven) brand.

| February 20, 2013

Japan Tobacco Inc said today that it would be adding Mevius Premium Menthol 8 to its 100 per cent natural menthol product range, Mevius Premium Menthol.

The new product is the first Mevius menthol product to deliver 8 mg tar.

Mevius, which is Mild Seven redesigned and rebranded, will be rolled out across Japan from mid-March.
Currently the range comprises two products delivering 1 mg of tar, Mevius Premium Menthol One 100s and Mevius Premium Menthol One, and one delivering 5 mg of tar, Mevius Premium Menthol 5.

JT’s internal research indicates that the menthol category is growing in Japan.

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