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| February 20, 2013
NDC-Infrared's new website provides for enhanced navigation.

NDC-Infrared’s new website provides for enhanced navigation.

NDC-Infrared Engineering has redesigned its website ( and published a new, industry–specific brochure.

The new website is said to provide enhanced navigation to allow visitors to find information on the use of NIR moisture and multi-component tobacco gauges for quality assurance and process control in tobacco leaf processing, primary tobacco processing and reconstituted sheet tobacco.

‘The simplified approach to navigation makes it easy for visitors to identify their market and application area and makes extensive use of intuitive or “friendly” URLs such as etc,’ said an NDC press note. ‘This industry-driven approach makes it easy to identify the most appropriate product or system for the application.

‘The new site offers the benefit of providing easily accessible basic information, with further information such as application notes available following registration. All registrations from NDC’s previous site will be carried over, so there will be no need to re-register.

‘The site also makes it very easy to identify the local market-relevant NDC contact anywhere in the world.’

Meanwhile, a new, industry-focused brochure is available for immediate download. ‘This describes the measurement of moisture, nicotine, sugars and temperature and covers applications in a host of tobacco processing applications,’ the note said.

‘These include: whole leaf in the GLT or Primary; strips; blended strips (lamina); re-dried cut lamina; final blend; WTS Water Treated Stem; CRS Cut Rolled Stem; re-dried stem; expanded tobacco; roll-your-own tobacco; shorts; pipe tobacco, cigar filler and reconstituted sheet tobacco.’

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