Romanian smokers plan to quit en masse

| May 29, 2013

More than 56 per cent of Romanian smokers are planning to quit their habit in the coming year, according to a story by Irina Popescu for the Romanian Insider, quoting a study conducted under the European Commission’s campaign, Ex-smokers Are Unstoppable.

The study showed that 80 per cent of Romania’s smokers believe willpower would be the main factor in getting them to quit, while 43 per cent agreed that motivational techniques could help them to stop smoking.

About 28 per cent of Romanian smokers find it difficult to resist the impulse to light up when drinking tea or coffee and 27 per cent find it difficult to socialize with other smokers if they are trying to quit.

However, 42 per cent of the approximately 1,000 Romanian respondents said they would feel proud if they succeeded in stopping smoking, while another 42 per cent considered they would feel healthier and pay more attention to their health if they quit.

Most of the smokers who responded to the survey said they smoked between 70 and 140 cigarettes weekly.

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