Sticker campaign to fight illicit smoking

| May 22, 2013

Anti-tobacco activists in Indonesia have mounted a sticker pasting campaign in an attempt to raise awareness of regulations banning smoking on public transport, according to a piece posted on

The campaign, which was staged at the Senen Terminal, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday, was conducted by students from IndonesiaUniversity’s public health faculty, who pasted thousands of no-smoking stickers on to the windows of public transportation vehicles.

The students were helped by police and transportation department officers.

The stickers featured no-smoking slogans, a picture of someone suffering from mouth cancer, applicable no-smoking rules and regulations, and a hotline for people to call to report incidents of smoking on public transport.

Despite the rules being in place, the head of the Indonesia Consumers Board Foundation, Tulus Abadi, said 57 per cent of crews and 43 per cent of passengers smoked while travelling on public transport.

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