A taste of things to come

| June 12, 2013

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, which already claimed the title of the company with the most electronic cigarette flavors, has added another flavor to its portfolio: Atlantic Cut, according to a press note issued through PRNewswire.

The new flavor, which was inspired by the taste of flue-cured tobacco, is said to have subtle hints of caramel, apple, Canadian rye whiskey and maple.

Atlantic Cut is offered in nicotine strengths designated Light, Full, Xtra and XXtra.

“There are a large number of tobacco cigarettes on the market and each blend has its own distinct flavor,” said Michael Murray, managing director of White Cloud Cigarettes.

“Our Regular, Apache and Bora Bora tobacco flavors have all been very popular with our customers and all have their own distinct flavor as well.

“Atlantic Cut is our boldest, most complex flavor to date.

“Vapors will enjoy the rich, full-flavor.”

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