Program aims to recycle 10 million butts

| June 20, 2013

TerraCycle, supported by Imperial Tobacco Canada, is planning this year to collect and recycle more than 10 million used cigarette filters this year, according to a Canada Newswire story.

TerraCycle and Imperial partnered last year in an innovative program to recycle the butts, inner foil, outer wrap, unused tobacco, ashes and other elements that comprise cigarette waste.

As a result, close to 50,000 people and more than one hundred organizations banded together to recycle more than five million cigarette filters during what was the first year of the program.

“Several years ago, in the spirit of our vision of eliminating the very idea of garbage, we set our sights on tackling cigarette waste,” Tom Szaky, the entrepreneur who launched TerraCycle in 2001, was quoted as saying.

“Cigarettes butts are one of the planet’s most ubiquitous waste streams. We are delighted that Imperial Tobacco Canada and its employees shared our dream to provide Canadians with an alternative to cigarette waste.

“With such a successful first year under our belts, we’re urging all Canadians to consider joining us in 2013.”

The program aims to incentivize Canadians by offering money for each pound of cigarette waste collected – money that can be directed to registered charities.

Cigarette filters and packaging are recycled into various plastic products for industrial use, such as the manufacture of plastic pallets, while the ash, paper and tobacco are composted according to industry guidelines.

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