Guide to smoker-friendly locations

| July 19, 2013

Imperial Tobacco’s Smoke Spots website has been launched in London.

Already live in Germany and Austria, the U.K. version enables consumers to find bars, restaurants and clubs with smoking facilities, and outlets selling tobacco.

The new website has been expanded so as to build on social aspects, including a blog and forums to enable people to share their experiences. It has been fully integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook.

“This is an exciting opportunity to support U.K. smokers and smoker-friendly venues,” said Andy Henwood, head of digital and marketing communications.

“Furthermore, giving our consumers the chance to interact with each other and form an online community is a significant step toward renormalising the category.”

Smoke Spots is due to be rolled out to other major cities across the U.K. as well as other markets in the near future.

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