Ice-like menthol sensation retained

| July 25, 2013

Japan Tobacco Inc. said today that it is redesigning the packaging of its Pianissimo Icene Crista and Pianissimo Icene Gracia cigarettes.

The new designs are due to be rolled out across Japan from late August.

The Pianissimo Icene brand, which is described as having a smooth taste and delivering a refreshingly ice-like menthol sensation, is said to have been well received by consumers, so the flavor and aroma of the Crista and Gracia versions will be unchanged.

“The new designs are simple and cool,” said JT in a note posted on its website. “The base tone is black and white, but the opening tape and inner frame are accented with pink, creating a consistent feel for the Pianissimo Icene line. The overall look embodies a mature sophistication and the coldness of ice.”

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