Iggesund offers e-commerce sales in US

| July 10, 2013

Iggesund Paperboard is launching an e-commerce system in the U.S. for the direct sale of Invercote board with payment by credit card and distribution via courier.

The system caters for companies across the U.S. involved in developing test packaging and mock-ups using digital printing.

“The digital market involves only a small number of standard sheet sizes, and we can undoubtedly provide good service to this market throughout the country,” said the president of Iggesund Paperboard in the U.S., Rickard Österlindh, who is responsible also for global strategy in the digital printing segment.

“Most American paper merchants are less focused on digital print markets than they are on traditional offset print markets, and their distribution models are not set up to service what can often times be very small volumes. The e-commerce solution is intended to enable Iggesund to capture these smaller volume opportunities, of which there are many. In this respect, we believe our new service will be a success.”

In a press note, Iggesund said that digital printing was advancing in leaps and bounds, and that marketers were beginning to grasp the power of its applications.

“The quality of print reproduction associated with digital printing has improved substantially, and with that, end users are increasingly turning to variable data, which allows each printed piece to be individually customized, to increase the ROI for their marketing and advertising spend,” the note said.

“In addition, technological progress is enabling the presses to handle formats and thicknesses that make the presses better and better suited to packaging production.”

Photo by Rolf Andersson.

Photo by Rolf Andersson.

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