JT refines its earthquake relief provisions for three worst-hit prefectures

| July 26, 2013

As part of its initiatives aimed at supporting the reconstruction of areas affected by the great East Japan earthquake in March 2011, Japan Tobacco Inc. is due to launch its JT Reconstruction Support Project, which will provide assistance to the three prefectures most affected by the earthquake: Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima.

In a note posted on its website, JT said the project would provide aid to local nonprofit organizations (NPOs) based and operating in the areas to assist in the reconstruction, regeneration and revitalization of the three prefectures.

The first applications for support are due to be accepted starting next month.

As a matter of course, the company engages in social programs focusing on four priority areas: social welfare, arts and culture, environmental protection and disaster relief. And to date it has organized additional assistance for the areas affected by the earthquake under existing programs, such as the JT NPO Support Program, which has come under social welfare.

But the new project, originating from the continuing JT NPO Support Program, will be operated separately. Its goal is to provide a greater level of funding for NPOs working toward recovery and ensuring the stability of their future activities.

Meanwhile, the current JT NPO Support Program will continue throughout 2014 to support the regeneration and revitalization of local communities across the country.

“By working through the Japan Earthquake Local NPO Support Fund, which was established by the nonprofit corporation Japan NPO Center, the project will accept applications and conduct a series of screenings and funding to NPOs for a period of three years,” JT said in its note. “Each year, the screening body, which will consist mainly of outside experts, will assess and approve around 20 case applications in total.”

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