Deadline approaching for crucial EU Tobacco Products Directive vote

| August 23, 2013

With members of the European Parliament due to vote on a proposed new Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) on Sept. 10, the U.K. smokers’ lobby group Forest has revised its No Thank EU campaign.

The revised TPD, if passed in its present form, would, among other things, ban menthol and slim cigarettes, ban small pouches of roll-your-own tobacco, and severely restrict the shape and size of cigarette packs. It would require also that health warnings cover up to 75 percent of the front and back of packs.

When the campaign website ( was launched on July 29, it gave people the opportunity to sign an online petition and the option of their giving Forest permission to send, on their behalf, a letter opposing the TPD to their MPs and MEPs.

This week, Forest launched a revised website,, which makes it simple for people to write directly to their elected representatives in Westminster and Brussels.

In announcing its original campaign in July, Forest said it would give retailers and consumers the opportunity to register their opposition to the proposed regulations.

“Prohibition doesn’t work,” said Forest Campaigns Manager Angela Harbutt. “Retailers will be robbed of income from outlawed products. Denied choice, consumers will be driven to the black market, where there will be a flourishing trade in banned goods.

“The directive is proceeding with indecent haste. Members of parliament have been denied the opportunity to scrutinise the proposals yet the impact on retailers and consumers in Britain is potentially enormous.

“Regulations like this should be a matter for elected politicians in Westminster, not unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. We urge retailers and consumers who share our concern to make their opinions known by supporting our campaign.”

Forest is supported by British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco Limited and Gallaher Limited (a member of the Japan Tobacco Group of Companies).

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