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Electronic cigarette company appointed category leader by major UK retailer

| August 5, 2013
John Dunne - delighted to have secured a partnership with WHSmith.

John Dunne – delighted to have secured a partnership with WHSmith.

The electronic cigarette company Gamucci has been appointed category leader by WHSmith as part of the U.K. retailer’s plans to expand its range of electronic cigarettes.

The partnership will see a gradual roll-out of Gamucci’s products in 600 high street stores from today.

WHSmith will display electronic cigarettes through Gamucci branded fixtures, either as part of its tobacco merchandising units or on branded display units, which will appear adjacent to its existing unbranded tobacco fixtures.

According to Nielsen, the independent consumer research company, Gamucci is now the fastest-growing participant in the U.K. electronic cigarettes category, with year-on-year growth of more than 2,000 percent.

“We are delighted to have secured this partnership with WHSmith,” said John Dunne, head of U.K. sales at Gamucci.

“As electronic cigarettes move from niche to mass-market category, we think the quality and consistency of our products will become increasingly important to retailers and consumers alike.”

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