JT’s spread filter gives 3D sensation

| August 29, 2013

Japan Tobacco Inc. is due shortly to launch three additions to its Mevius Premium Menthol range of products that will each include a ‘spread filter’.

Described as JT’s unique new menthol dispersion filter, the spread filter is said to deliver a ‘3D menthol sensation’.

The new filter has laser-created holes at its end that are designed to disperse the airflow and so provide a wider delivery of menthol not previously experienced.

The three additions to the 100 per cent natural menthol Mevius Premium Menthol range are Mevius Premium Menthol Spread One 100’s, Mevius Premium Menthol Spread 5, and Mevius Premium Menthol Spread 8.

These three products are due to rolled out across Japan in early October.

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