Quitting smoking – a matter of taste

| August 5, 2013

A U.S. doctor in Beckley, West Virginia, believes that he has developed a product for helping people quit or cut down on smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol and food, according to a story by Lisa Shrewsberry for the Beckley Register Herald.

Dr. Hassan Amjad, an oncologist and herbalist known for preferring natural remedies, has developed a compound that he calls Smoke-Less.

Placed on the tongue, the herbal substance changes taste perceptions so that smoking can taste like “licking a tire” and food can taste rancid.

Amjad says that after using the substance for a short time people quit their habits.

He believes he has developed a safe and effective way to support the desire to quit without creating further harm, and with the added bonus of potential weight loss.

Most people who don’t want to quit smoking or tobacco were afraid they would gain weight, he said, but by using Smoke-Less their food – especially sugary food – would not taste great either.

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