E-cigarette study misses the point

| September 10, 2013

A recent survey by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that found the use of e-cigarettes by middle and high school students increasing is in danger of missing the most important point, according to Miguel Martin, president of the electronic cigarette company Logic Technology.

“The recent CDC report does not address the key issue, which is the relative harm of traditional combustion-based cigarettes versus electronic cigarettes,” said Martin.

“Any statements that do not inform adult smokers and society as a whole of the inherent health impact differences between these two products are incomplete and misleading.

“Logic encourages the CDC and other regulatory authorities to accelerate their studies to determine the health impact of electronic cigarettes versus traditional combustion-based cigarettes.”

Turning to the issue of “underage” usage, Martin said Logic did not market to nor intend its products to be sold to underage consumers.

“Logic supports regulation that would eliminate online sales and ensure that sales of electronic cigarettes are age-verified in a manner consistent with traditional cigarettes,” he said.

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