Las Vegas setting for Vapefest 2013

| September 16, 2013

The Vegas Vapefest 2013 is due to be held at the Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, on Sept. 20–21.

The National Vapers’ Club, which organizes the Vapefest, describes it as an event to promote research and education for e-cigarette users while providing a venue for the latest products.

“Vapefest, the first annual e-cigarette convention, which started in 2010, is a fundraiser and educational forum,” it said in a press note issued through PRNewswire. “It funds research into the safety of e-cigarettes.

“Previous events funded a peer-reviewed Indoor Air Quality Study (IVAQS), published last fall in the scientific journal Inhalation Toxicology. The study determined e-cigarette emissions pose no apparent risk to human health.”

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