New filter in the Groove

| September 10, 2013

Filtrona Filter Products has launched Groove Core, an innovative filter combining “the performance benefits of activated carbon with high-impact, visual brand differentiation.”

Groove Core, which is the latest addition to Filtrona’s Performance Range, is said to provide consumers with the smooth taste experience associated with a carbon filter and a distinctive end appearance created by incorporating an additional colored paper inner wrap and attractive grooved flutes at the mouth end.

In recent years demand for carbon products has spread beyond traditional carbon markets and is now increasing in a number of countries, such as Taiwan, Russia, Turkey, Romania and Ukraine.

“Groove Core is the most advanced activated carbon filter to enter the market,” said Innovations Director Patrick Meredith.

“It combines the benefits of activated carbon and SmoothCore technology (a reduction of vapor phase and semi-volatile components in mainstream smoke) with the higher tar retention associated with Combined Performance Advanced (CPA) technology to deliver enhanced filtration performance. In addition, the integration of a colored inner wrap in the filter end offers consumers visual indicators of performance, which provides cigarette manufacturers with additional brand reinforcement opportunities.”

The construction of the filter is such that the pocket of carbon is positioned toward the tobacco end of the filter while the fluted paper area is placed at the mouth end.

The Groove Core filter is said to be manufactured using a single-pass production process that enables more efficient use of materials, energy and machinery. It also offers cleaner machine running and a lower tip to tip variation in carbon additive weight, and, unlike other specialist filters, it uses standard tow.

Filtrona Filter Products, which next month will change its name to Essentra Filter Products, is a division of Essentra PLC.

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