New Mevius design to make an impact

| October 8, 2013

Japan Tobacco Inc.’s Mevius Impact One 100s box is being given a pack redesign that will be rolled out across Japan from early November.

While the cigarette delivers only 1 mg of tar, it is said to provide—as its name implies—an “impactful smoking experience,” so its flavor and aroma are being maintained.

According to a note posted on JT’s website, the cigarette is manufactured using selected Burley leaves “to create a harmonious blend of richly flavored tobacco, which preserves the characteristic smooth flavor of the Mevius line.”

The pack redesign will see the adoption of silver as the background color, which is meant to position the cigarette with consumers as a low-delivery, rich-flavor product.

Otherwise, the new design will fall into line with that of Mevius’ 15 core products, which, in November last year, were given a redesign that was said to have proved popular with consumers.

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