Starring role for taste in new JT products

| October 28, 2013

Japan Tobacco Inc. today announced the nationwide, early-December launch of two new Seven Stars products offering the “ultimate in taste.”

Seven Stars Real Rich is said to offer the ultimate in rich flavor and aroma, while Seven Stars Real Smoke is said to provide the ultimate in deep flavor and aroma.

In a note posted on its website, JT said that since its launch in 1969, Seven Stars had consistently offered “unique value in terms of flavor, aroma and design,” and as a result had become extremely popular among consumers.

In fact, a Seven Stars product occupies the No. 1 slot on Japan’s domestic volume sales table. And now, with 10 products in its lineup, the brand is one of the most popular in Japan.

Seven Stars Real Rich is said to use only selected leaf tobacco to produce a rich and mellow flavor and aroma with no roughness.

Its pack uses the basic Seven Stars design, but gives it a “deep red base tone rendered in sophisticated hues, representing the rich aroma and depth of the product.”

Seven Stars Real Smoke uses tobacco blended so as to produce a “full smoke sensation that is sharp yet has depth.”

It also uses the basic Seven Stars design, but in this case adapted with “bold black hues as the base tone, symbolizing a product with a rich and full smoke sensation together with a roasted flavor.”

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