Reynolds sharing information on tobacco

| November 12, 2013

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co says that it has transformed its non-corporate website intended to inform adult tobacco consumers, retailers and wholesalers about tobacco tax issues.

The site,, has added a new e-mail alert feature that allows individuals to sign up to receive electronic notifications anytime an alert is issued for their state.

“This new feature will make it much easier for people to stay informed and take action on tobacco-related issues that affect them,” said Bryan Hatchell, director of communications.

“We are continuously searching for ways to transform the tobacco industry and making it easier for people’s voices to be heard will certainly help achieve that goal.” is mobile device friendly. It has an interactive state-by-state map with key information, links to social media channels ( and, and fully-updated content on tobacco issues.

Visitors to the site can quickly connect with their legislators via a toll-free call or e-mail (determined by ZIP code) following the steps for ‘ongoing relationship-building with elected officials’.

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