Tobacco business levy to end in Scotland

| January 13, 2014

An extra business rate that has been levied on Scotland’s larger shops selling alcohol and tobacco will end in 2015, according to a BBC Online story quoting Scottish ministers.

The news was welcomed by the Scottish Retail Consortium (SRC), which has opposed the tax.

The levy was aimed at larger retailers selling alcohol and tobacco, mainly supermarkets, to make them contribute to public health measures.

Retailers say that about 240 stores have had to pay a business rates bill 28 percent higher than the equivalent store in England.

The levy is expected to have raised about £95m during the three years that it will have been in place.

A Scottish government statement said it had made it clear the levy would last for one spending review period only and that 2014–2015 would be the final year.

“That has always been the position and is clearly set out in legislation,” it said.

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