Spain looks at e-cigarette ad bans

| February 20, 2014

The Spanish government is looking to approve draft legislation that will control the advertising of e-cigarettes and require information displays concerning the “risks to health” posed by these products, according to a story in The Leader.

Under new consumer protection guidelines, television advertising will be largely banned before 8 p.m., though some concessions will be made for daytime television.

The legislation will dictate where advertisements for e-cigarettes may be placed, and it will control cinema advertising.

In particular, the legislation is said to aim at eliminating advertising from where and when it might be seen by those less than 18 years of age.

The packaging of the products will have to warn of the dangers (not specified in the story) e-cigarettes pose to adults, and will have to clearly state that they contain nicotine and are “highly addictive.”

While requiring health warnings, the legislation seems to tacitly admit that e-cigarettes might in fact have health benefits.

The Leader story says that no claims of health benefits may be included in advertising, unless and until a competent public authority declares them to be of such benefit.

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