Time needed to comply with EU directive

| February 27, 2014

The Confederation of European Community Cigarette Manufacturers (CECCM) wants EU member states and the tobacco industry at large to be given reasonable time to adjust to the numerous and complex requirements included in the new Tobacco Products Directive.

The new TPD was adopted by the European Parliament yesterday.

The chairman of the CECCM, Michiel Reerink, said in a statement that the CECCM and its member companies had openly contributed to the TPD debate during the past two years. “We have raised our concerns on the effectiveness of measures that will impact the whole tobacco sector and thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses who work with us,” he said. “Many of these concerns were shared by member states, members of the European Parliament and key parliament committees. Despite their expertise and accountability to European voters, many of them [the concerns] have not been heard.”

Reerink went on to say that, throughout the process, the CECCM and its members had clearly stated that the member companies did not market their products to children. “We have repeated that we support the European Commission’s right to regulate tobacco products, as long as legitimate health objectives are achieved,” he said. “Unfortunately, many of the TPD measures are disproportionate and are unlikely to meet these goals. They will more likely lead to a rise in profits for criminal gangs, who sell much cheaper, unregulated products.

“As the TPD approaches Council adoption, we expect diligence to be taken in allowing realistic transition periods for member states and the industry. Due to the complexity of the numerous measures, tobacco companies, packaging manufacturers, machinery suppliers, wholesalers and retailers must imperatively be given sufficient time to comply with the directive.”

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