Fresh promotional idea from Essentra

| March 26, 2014

UK pic2Essentra Packaging (EP) says that its latest label, AquaSense™, is designed to help maintain and control the moisture content of make-your-own tobacco packs and thus ensure the contents stay fresh and do not dry out.

The new product is said to be already in use with a “major manufacturer on the European market.”

Part of EP’s Protect range, AquaSense™ is the first example of Essentra’s Active Label Technology that has been developed and jointly patented in conjunction with Essentra Porous Technologies.

According to an EP press note, an absorbent AquaSense™ pad included in the packaging (shown) and available on opening is placed by the consumer under a running tap or in a glass of water. The pad soaks up only a specific amount of water that it then releases over time to keep the contents fresh, control humidity and reduce product waste due to drying out.

The pad can be supplied in a variety of formats and sizes and is designed to meet the specific protection needs of make-your-own tobacco packs and tubs.

And it can be used to deliver high-impact promotional graphics and messages that appear with the addition of the water.

“The project has been a great example of how we can leverage the significant expertise throughout Essentra to design a product to meet the customer and wider category need,” said Martin Dallas, commercial director for Essentra Packaging & Securing Solutions.

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