Leaf trading in full swing in Philippines

| March 21, 2014

Tobacco trading centers have begun buying tobacco from farmers in the Virginia-growing areas of the Philippines’ Ilocos provinces, according to a story by the Philippine Information Agency quoting the National Tobacco Administration (NTA).

And because the trading season for burley and native tobacco opened officially in the first week of March, growers from across the country may now sell their tobacco directly to accredited trading centers.

Tobacco growers are expected to earn higher net income this season than they did last season because the floor prices across all grades for Virginia have been increased by PHP6 per kg, while the prices of burley and native tobacco have been increased by up to PHP10 per kg.

The NTA said the price of the highest grade of flue-cured Virginia (AA) was now PHP78 per kg, while the prices of the highest grades of burley and native tobacco were PHP61 per kg and PHP66 per kg, respectively.

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