Manufacturing a bond with retailers

| March 6, 2014

France Imperial pic2More than 1,000 retailers have gone behind the scenes at one of Imperial Tobacco’s factories during the past 18 months as part of a trade partner initiative in France.

The latest event took place at the company’s cigarette factory near Nantes, with local tobacconists being given a guided tour of the Carquefou site (pictured).

The factory visit was part of an ongoing initiative by Seita that started in 2012 to help retailers learn more about Imperial’s brands.

The tobacconists were said to have been shown every aspect of the manufacturing and supply chain process and then to have been given the opportunity to quiz factory manager Sébastien Depierre.

“Most had never been inside a tobacco factory and were naturally curious to know more about a product they sell every day,” said Depierre.

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