U.S. e-cigarette sales up 31.3 percent

| March 5, 2014

Logic Technology said yesterday that it had strengthened its No. 2 position in respect of e-cigarette volume sales, according to a Wells Fargo Securities report on Nielsen’s C-Track [U.S. convenience store] Database.

Logic said also that it had maintained its No. 2 position in respect of e-cigarette dollar sales in convenience stores.

“Logic now commands 20.2 percent of dollar share in the category, demonstrating the continued success of Logic’s premium product line,” the company said.

“Further, Logic has maintained the No. 2 unit share position, increasing to 21.8 percent of the category.”

The Nielsen report showed also that Logic had three of the top five SKUs nationwide.

Lorillard’s Blu remains the e-cigarette category leader.

Overall, Wells Fargo reported that the growth in the value of e-cigarette sales had decelerated slightly to plus 31.3 percent.

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