If you go down in the woods today …

| April 11, 2014

Volunteers from Imperial Tobacco’s factory at Radom, Poland, recently gave up a Saturday to plant trees and shrubs in a community forest as part of the factory’s ‘We Can Help’ program.

A group of more than 40 employees and their families took part in the event in the MarculeForest near Radom.

Saplings were donated by Imperial in support of the ‘SOS for Earth’ campaign.

About 50 trees and shrubs were planted in the arboretum area as part of new botanical woodland created by local forestry workers.

Employees have previously been involved in other conservation initiatives that have included feeding animals in the forest and planting trees in a city park.

“As with other ‘We Can Help’ projects our aim is to support the community in which we operate,” said factory manager, Katarzyna Wolińska.

“I’m especially pleased that we carried out another project that was initiated by our employees wanting to give something back to society.”

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