Counterfeit Rizla booklets seized in China

| May 21, 2014

Rizla picMore than 1.2 million counterfeit Rizla booklets have been seized in China following an initiative led by Imperial Tobacco’s Group Security team.

The illicit products (pictured) were captured during a series of raids by the authorities in the provinces of Guangdong and Jiangxi.

“Lengthy investigations by Group Security into a number of smuggling networks targeting African and European markets played a crucial role in the success of the raids,” said a note posted on Imperial’s website.

“An initial swoop was made by the Chinese authorities on an underground packing house following weeks of surveillance.

“Subsequent raids were then made on a second packing house as well as two printing workshops and a fully stocked warehouse.”

Imperial said that counterfeit Rizla products had a serious impact on its sales, particularly in African markets such as South Africa and Senegal.

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