Gamucci is ‘Best Electronic Cigarette’

| May 30, 2014

Gamucci was crowned the U.K.’s “Best Electronic Cigarette” brand at the recent Consumer Choice Awards 2014, organized by Brand Weekly.

The innovative awards are based on the views of consumers who nominate and vote for products and services.

This new approach to awards reflects the growth of social media and other online platforms that have caused consumers increasingly to look to other consumers for recommendations on the best products and services on the market.

The e-cigarette award was one of the awards that generated most consumer votes, alongside those for Best High Street Retailer and Best Consumer Mobile App.

Gamucci was launched on the U.K. market in 2007 and is now sold in 55 countries.

“From inception, Gamucci invested heavily in R&D to develop the world’s first disposable electronic cigarette and integrated cartomizer technology, for which it has been granted a U.K. patent and has a U.S. patent pending,” the company said in announcing its award. “In the U.K., its products are available at Tesco, Waitrose, WHSmith and a number of other leading retailers.”

Meanwhile, in a joint statement, Taz and Umer Sheikh, co-founders of Gamucci, said it meant a great deal that consumers had voted for Gamucci as their e-cigarette of choice.

“This shows that product quality is becoming increasingly important as the market continues to develop.

“In a category where brand loyalty and intimacy is still lacking and the market place is very crowded, this is a massive vote of confidence for Gamucci ‘the brand.’

“A lot of expertise lies behind the product, and our customers recognize that they will get the same consistent and enjoyable experience each and every time.”

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