Researchers want cigarette filters banned

| May 9, 2014

Banning cigarette filters is one of a number of policies recently put forward by U.S.-based researchers as a way of reducing or eliminating the environmental problems caused by carelessly discarded butts.

Such a policy might seem extreme, but those proposing it describe filtered cigarettes as a “farce” in terms of consumer safety. And they cite as evidence a recent National Cancer Institute review that apparently showed filtered cigarettes were “not healthier or safer than nonfiltered ones.”

The policy suggestions are those of Thomas Novotny of San Diego State University and Elli Slaughter, an advocate seeking to curb the environmental harm caused by the large-scale littering of cigarette butts, packaging and matches. The suggestions appeared in a review article published in Springer’s journal, Current Environmental Health Reports.

Novotny and Slaughter also suggest that filters/butts might be the subject of a deposit/return scheme, that cigarette manufacturers might be held responsible for cleanups, and that warnings about the impact of carelessly discarded butts might be placed on packs.

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