The question is unusual – the answer, according to a new book, isn’t pretty

| May 16, 2014

The smokers’ group, Forest, and Buckingham University Press is due to host a drinks reception and talk by John Staddon, author of Unlucky Strike, Private Health and the Science, Law and Politics of Smoking.

Staddon, who is Professor Emeritus at the US’ Duke University and Honorary Visiting Professor at the UK’s University of York, has published more than 200 research papers and six books.

According to a synopsis of the book, which includes original illustrations by David Hockney, tough anti-smoking laws are now almost universal. Yet smoking has no public cost. It puts individual smokers at risk. It does not put the public purse at risk.

‘Prompted by this surprising discovery John Staddon looked further into the facts,’ the synopsis said. ‘The more he looked the weaker the case against smoking as a public health issue became. The case against environmental tobacco smoke, in particular, is exceedingly weak.

‘So if smoking has no public cost and the medical case for third party harm is weak, why are smokers victimised in so many ways?

Unlucky Strike tries to find out – and the answer is not pretty.’

The event is to be held at the Institute of Economic Affairs, 2 Lord North Street, London SW1 on June 11 from 18.15. (To attend RSVP or call Nicky on 01223 370156).

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